(Note: deadline extended – entries must be postmarked by 31 August 2010!)

I am excited to announce that Oxide Design Co. has been selected by Rockport Publishers to author Letterhead + Logo Design 12, the latest edition in their best-selling series. (Oxide recently had the honor of having several pieces selected for inclusion in Letterhead + Logo Design 11.) Oxide will be responsible for collecting and cataloging entries, judging the design submissions, designing the complete book, and writing all of the text. The hardbound book will be available at booksellers worldwide in the fall of 2011.

If you’re a designer, we encourage you to submit your best logo and letterhead work from the last two years. Simply download the call-for-entries, and be sure to send your work postmarked by the deadline. Please help us spread the word – we’re looking for the best of the best from around the world. (And be sure to check out Rockport’s other ongoing competitions.)

Front side of the Letterhead + Logo Design 12 call-for-entriesFront side of the Letterhead + Logo Design 12 call-for-entries

For those looking for behind-the-scenes design notes, this has already been an interesting project for Oxide. The call-for-entries had to be designed in less than a week, which effectively precluded us from developing a concept that could be consistent from the entry form to the complete book. It simply wasn’t enough time to create something with enough depth to be meaningful for an entire 240-page book. (Not to mention the one-color printing requirement, because Rockport physically mails out more than 13,000 of the calls-for-entry.) So it’s likely the visuals you see here won’t appear anywhere else in relation to the book. It wasn’t our ideal situation, since we feel very strongly about building design cohesion, but it’s a better solution than being locked into a concept that we only had a week to develop.

Back side of the Letterhead + Logo Design 12 call-for-entriesBack side of the Letterhead + Logo Design 12 call-for-entries

On the other hand, designing the submission form was a great exercise, because it allowed us to put some of our information design expertise to work. We completely redesigned the previous Rockport entry form in order to create the easiest possible process for the user – restructuring a confusing tangle of randomly-placed information into a set of intuitive, easy-to-follow steps.

View the project page for Letterhead + Logo Design 12.