Along with the other changes we made for Oxide’s 10th anniversary, we also updated our identity.

Since Oxide’s inception, the 2-D and 3-D versions of the symbol have been used interchangeably, but with an emphasis on the 3-D/bubble version. People have responded really well to the bubble, so we used it pretty much exclusively – as a small adhesive sticker in the real world, and in faux 3-D for print and online.

Original logo (left), and our updated logoOriginal logo (left), and our updated logo

But over 10 years, Oxide’s thought process has moved so significantly towards no-nonsense clarity that the bubble started to feel out of line with our approach. So we’ve moved to the no-nonsense clarity of the 2-D version. And conveniently, since the real bubble on the business cards is actually the 2-D logo with a resin coating, those get to stay as-is.

This transition also allows us to utilize our corporate red more significantly and often (by reversing the logo and type in white). And the original type (set in Fono) has also been replaced with Avenir Next, our long-standing corporate typeface.

Updated letterheadUpdated letterhead