We love farmers’ markets! Who doesn’t? You get the freshest products available while supporting small-scale farmers. Although the local aspect is great, many farmers’ markets lack variety. You can pick up the basics at most, but to get truly unique products that aren’t always grown locally, you have to go to a grocery store. There’s also another big drawback here in Nebraska and many other parts of the country as well: the length of a market’s season is dependent on the weather.

Parsnippy logoParsnippy logo

Our desire for straight-from-the-farmer products is clear. Realizing the need for a way to quench this thirst, a team of passionate innovators approached Oxide with their plan: build a digital destination where you can search nationwide for farmers’ markets, browse their available products, and even order online. They needed a name and an identity to establish themselves in the marketplace.

On occasion, we get the opportunity to concept names for our clients. The way our brains are programmed to solve visual problems actually translates really well to naming projects. The steps of the process are identical to how we solve a visual problem. We start with a questionnaire. Then comes thorough research on the competition. Then, like logo sketching, a large sheet of paper allows us to scribble down any idea that pops into our head. When we’ve exhausted every path, we put together a presentation of our best potential solutions.

One-color versions of the logoOne-color versions
of the logo

Our client’s desire to have a name that was short, relevant, easily spelled, and available as a .com domain was the REAL challenge. After presenting five options that met their criteria, the name we all agreed upon as the best solution was Parsnippy. The name is a hybrid of the word parsnip (a quirky farmer’s market product) and snappy (quick or fast).

Once the team approved the name, we moved on to our tried and true logo design process. Like the name, the final logo is another combination of two ideas: a standard map location icon forming the body of a parsnip – “here’s exactly where you can find the produce you’re looking for!”

With a compelling name and logo in place, the team is now working on building their business concept into reality. So get ready to order a crate of cherimoyas, kiwanos, ramutans or even tomatoes direct from a farmer soon!

View the project page for Parsnippy.