As a follow-up to our recent Passenger Productions logo story, we are excited to share the recently printed business papers. We create our fair share of logos here at Oxide, but in an increasingly digital world, we less frequently get the opportunity to see a brand through to full stationery sets.

Detail shot of embossDetail shot of emboss

Knowing that the guys at Passenger would be open to something a little more unique, we weren’t afraid to bring them some crazy options. Through the set, we wanted to extend the idea of layering featured in the logo. One of our ideas featured semi-transparent paper to reflect the visual found in the logo. In the end, Passenger selected our embossed concept, printed on Gmund’s Ever sheet – a uniquely textured paper. There were several different ways we could have embossed the logo, but we decided to go with the most understated: by raising just the type portion of the logo. The below photo shows how the emboss effects the reverse side of the of the letterhead.

Passenger Productions business papers

View the project page for Passenger Productions.