Wes inherited an entrepreneurial spirit from his parents.


And it informs his approach to design and development. At their heart, designers and entrepreneurs share a common goal — to solve problems. Design is his medium and development his tool to channel those entrepreneurial energies. He thinks it’s hard to call it work when he gets to practice his passion every day.

In his free time, Wes loves watching the Chicago Cubs, playing with his two puppies, Penny and Ruby, and occasionally getting his hands dirty doing woodworking projects and digging around in his backyard.

Wes’s inspiration

Designing and coding are craft. Hone your skills and make them your own, and the results will speak for themselves.

Wes’s favorite projects

Wes enjoys clients who believe simple is elegant. Simple means less of a chance for unforeseen problems.

Danner for Nebraska Website, Part II

As Election Day nears, I thought it would be a good time to write an update on the Danner for Nebraska campaign website. I previously wrote about my experience building Spencer Danner’s campaign website when he launched his campaign nearly a year ago. At that time, he requested that we build the site on NationBuilder, which is a web platform available specifically for political candidates and causes. The development experience of NationBuilder reminded me of working with something like SquareSpace.…

Wes’s Great™ Holiday TV and Movies

Thanks to Mandy taking this series to a new level with the inclusion of Great™ TV, I’m offering my list: Great™ holiday TV and movies. My list of Great™ holiday TV and movies is not limited to holiday-themed entertainment. It’s more of a breakdown of how I spent my extra time off over the holiday break. Each holiday season, after family gatherings have wound down, I tend to spend my extra free time catching up on Great™ TV shows and movies I’ve been…

How I found Oxide

Omaha has been my hometown since 2002 and I’ve always lived near that little corridor around 40th and Farnam Streets. Back then it wasn’t known as the Blackstone District. It had some serious grit to it, but that is one of the many reasons I proudly called it home. From wandering around local house shows to hopping from one friend’s home to the next, this neighborhood has been the place I call home for quite some time, even when I…