Big Omaha 2010

Oxide collaborated with Silicon Prairie News to brand the first six years of the nation's most passionate conference on innovation and entrepreneurship. Each year we helped craft the experience of Big Omaha attendees, making sure return guests had something new and exciting to look forward to. Year 2: The giant cow is a metaphor for life's big challenges, which everyone approaches in their own way.


Big Omaha 2010 identity

Team Oxide had a blast at Big Omaha 2010! By the time the show starts, all of our work is done, and spending the day at Kaneko is a great way to celebrate. After months of work behind the scenes, all of the branded materials finally got to see the light of day (and a half). There’s so much happening at the show, we thought it might be nice to review how it all came together. Here’s a sampling of…

Big Omaha 2010 identity

Big Omaha 2009 was Oxide’s first conference identity. Our problem-solving process is the same as any other, but conferences are unique for one reason: no matter how well you solve the problem the first year, the second year’s identity will bring some tough questions.