Employee Voice Award

Design of a unique and symbolic trophy for winners of Quantum Workplace's Employee Voice Award, recognizing the most engaged employee teams.


Oxide featured in LogoLounge 6

We recently received our copy of LogoLounge 6: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers, which includes seven logos designed by the Oxide team. The book is part of a long-running series published by Rockport and is judged by eight leading designers from around the world. The entries are accepted through their website: logolounge.com and complied every 18 months into a new book. Below are the seven logos selected for LogoLounge 6.

Oxide featured in Letterhead & Logo Design 11

I am proud to announce that the logo design work of Oxide Design Co. has been featured (three different times) inLetterhead & Logo Design 11! Published by Rockport, the book showcases “the latest, most innovative, and exciting work in the field from well-known design leaders, new design firms, and cutting-edge artists.” It’s an honor to see some of our less well-known logos receive some recognition.