Fertile Ground Mural

Creation of a brochure for the mural in downtown Omaha, describing the intricate symbolism found in the artwork.


Fertile Ground mural brochure

In October of last year, we shared some of our photography from Omaha’s Fertile Ground mural. Shortly thereafter, we continued working with the Peter Kiewit Foundation to produce a brochure that describes some of the incredible symbolism found in the mural. This time around, we asked Scott Dobry to shoot the primary image used inside the brochure.

Fertile Ground mural photography

I don’t claim to be a photographer. In fact, I’ve never even owned my own camera, but that doesn’t stop me from taking photos from time to time. I’ve learned a lot about photography since starting at Oxide thanks to Joe, Drew and various internet resources. So learning what I had, back in June I was able to take photos of Fertile Ground, a brand new 32,500 square-foot public art mural located on the Energy Systems Company building at 13th…