Keg Creek started the way many microbreweries begin: as a hobby, three retired guys brewing in their garage. Soon, they grew to a tap room brewing 450 barrels a year. Before they took the next step — retail bottling — they knew they needed a compelling, recognizable identity and packaging professional enough to have an impact in retail environments.


Legend has it that during the mid-1800s when a bootlegging tradesman was warned of an impending patrol, he rolled five barrels of contraband liquor into the creek. The creek was henceforth known as “Five Barrel Creek,” which was later shortened to “Keg Creek.” That story became the brewery’s namesake when they opened business on the shores of the creek.

The guys at Keg Creek Brewing are great storytellers. Not only do they love their roots in Glenwood, Iowa, along Keg Creek, but they love talking about their craft. Each of their tasty brews has been given a name inspired by a local story. The packaging for each beer has a unique bright flood of color over a photo inspired by the associated story. The largest type — which is seen first — is the name of the beer, but it’s also part of a sentence, giving you the shortened version of the story.


Keg Creek hired Oxide as they were looking to take their 3-barrel system (producing approximately 450 barrels annually) to a 15-barrel system with a 3000-barrel capacity. They promptly started bottling and distributing to a two-state area.


Oxide featured in LogoLounge 10

Oxide’s logo design work was recently featured in LogoLounge 10: 2,500 International Identities by Leading Designers, which is part of a long-running series. The latest volume was judged by ten leading designers from around the world (including Aaron Draplin, Von Glitschka, Su Mathews Hale, Emily Oberman, and Felix Sockwell) and authored by Bill Gardner and Emily Potts. More than 37,000 logos were considered for the tenth volume in the set. With the inclusion of six logos in this most recent book,…

Keg Creek Brewing packaging

The guys at Keg Creek Brewing are great storytellers. They love talking about their craft and they love their small town of Glenwood, Iowa, located just southeast of the Omaha metro. Since day one, each one of their tasty brews has been given a name inspired by a local story. When we sat down to concept the redesign of their labels and six-pack carriers, we knew we wanted to highlight those stories in both written form and the visual imagery. Each beer has a unique…

Keg Creek Brewing identity

Keg Creek Brewing is a microbrewery located in Glenwood, Iowa. With a strong history in home-brewing, the guys at Keg Creek pride themselves on an open and comfortable environment that enhances craft beer education, enjoyment, and experimentation. If there’s anything they love more than craft beer, it’s talking about craft beer. They built their business on the idea of welcoming free thought and conversation and have stuck true to that concept since opening their doors back in 2011. Every one of their beers has its own romantic…