Maha Music Festival

Identity for a nonprofit event organized and run by a group of passionate and dedicated volunteers. The festival features local, regional, and national indie and alternative rock artists, and it serves as a community-building event.


Maha’s goal was to become a must-attend annual event, not just a lineup of bands. Founded and run by people deeply rooted in Omaha, the music festival adds a healthy dose of independent music and arts to the city’s robust cultural mix. They needed to build a reputation and an image that transcends the performers. To achieve this, they knew they needed an exciting and appropriate new identity.

  • Logo / Identity
  • Branding
  • Signage
  • Posters
  • Event promotion
  • Wayfinding



Maha Music Festival is about a pride of place. The Maha were the most powerful Native American tribe of the Great Plains – a people whose name inspired our city’s, and then the festival’s.

We looked to evoke the lore of the Maha while also capturing the festival’s key elements: pride, place, and independence. We found the perfect solution in the great Maha Chief Blackbird. Oxide developed a modern symbol for the chief that hints at the visual style of the Plains Indians, but is still pure rock n’ roll.

As we expanded on the identity, we wanted to capture the feel of the festival by implementing the bold, gritty visual style that so perfectly represents rock music. Black-and-white grainy photography, vintage Omaha maps, and rough textures create the building blocks for all collateral pieces. Oxide partnered with Maha on a three-year plan for promoting the festival, which used the foundation we built, combined with a unique color for each year.


With the new branding Oxide created in 2012, attendance at Maha more than doubled over the three years we partnered with them, from 3,100 before the branding to over 7,000 in 2014.


Oxide wins 6 at AIGA’s 2014 Show

We are pleased to share that Oxide received a gold, a silver, and four bronze awards this past Saturday at AIGA Nebraska‘s 2014 Show. Nebraska’s biggest annual design competition, Show. recognizes great design from around the state. We are privileged to have our work selected by a panel of national design judges. And we want to thank our amazing clients, whose projects and collaboration have kept us inspired and striving for excellence. Oxide won a gold award for Mula Mexican…

Oxide featured in LogoLounge 8

We recently received our copy of LogoLounge 8: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers at the Oxide office. The book is part of a long-running series published by Rockport, and authored by Bill Gardner. From “LogoLounge 8 is judged by an international panel of identity designers including Mikey Burton, Quique Ollervides, Katie Kirk, Fraser Davidson, Debbie Millman, Ty Mattson, Mike Abbink, and Simon Frouws. Of the more than 35,000 logos submitted, 2,000 were selected to be featured in the…

Oxide wins 3 GDUSA Design Awards

We are pleased to announce that Graphic Design: USA has recognized three Oxide pieces with 2013 American Graphic Design Awards. Our Parsnippy logo, Belles and Whistles logo, and Maha Music Festival commemorative poster were honored as “outstanding work.” For this, the 50th anniversary of the annual design competition, GDUSA received more than 8,000 entries, from which “a highly selective 15 percent are recognized today with a Certificate of Excellence.” We are grateful for our excellent clients and the collaboration that…

Free Maha tattoo promotion

Someday, something I’ve worked on will be redesigned. I haven’t been a designer long enough to see this happen, but I must admit that just the idea makes me a little sad. As designers, we want our work to live on as long as possible. At Oxide, we try to ignore the current design styles and trends – our hope being that we are creating design as timeless as possible. We love the idea of something we’ve designed becoming permanent.…

Maha Music Festival identity

Oxide recently had the honor of being selected to rebrand the Maha Music Festival, a nonprofit event organized and run by a group of passionate and dedicated volunteers. The event features local, regional and national indie and alternative rock artists. The festival functions first and foremost as a non-profit community-building event. Maha’s goal was to transform into something that people viewed as a must-attend annual event, not just a lineup of bands. To achieve this, they knew they needed an…