Metro Transit

A bold, iconic identity for the transportation authority of the city of Omaha.


Metro Transit provides mass transit across the city of Omaha, and extending into the surrounding greater metro area. Metro operates a timed-transfer system reaching 100 square miles with 4,000 bus stops, as well as a curb-to-curb service ADA complementary paratransit service called moby.

With increasing interest in public transit in the early 2000s, Metro recognized an opportunity to shine. With growing numbers of folks looking to public transit for economic and eco-friendly reasons, Metro knew they had an opportunity to showcase the benefits of transit to a much wider audience. Realizing that their branding was outdated as well as widely inconsistent, they approached Oxide. A new identity could help establish Metro as reliable, professional, and modern.

  • Naming
  • Logo / Identity
  • Marketing collateral
  • Website


Oxide recommended changing the working name of Metro Area Transit from “MAT” to “Metro.” By positioning the organization as “Metro,” we reiterate that Omaha’s public transit system is one part of a larger, nationwide whole. It helps the local bus system feel more cosmopolitan and connected – and consequently more modern and progressive.

With key values that included safe, clean, dependable, convenient, progressive, and green, Oxide developed a new logo that is bold and iconic – the kind of symbol you can recognize a block away on a bus sign. We built a strong, solid symbol for the organization that shares some DNA with mass transit systems from around the world, but has its own unique quality.

The new identity is fashioned with some explicit connections to the previous iterations. The new slanted “m” and the striping on the buses are inspired directly by earlier MAT logos – bridging the gap between MAT’s past and Metro’s future. We’ve also halved the color palette, brightening the blue and eliminating the red altogether.

The redesigned website reorganizes the previous site’s wealth of information into a much more intuitive, easy-to-use interface and structure.


More people ride the bus in Omaha than ever before! Metro made significant changes to routes in the summer of 2015 in hopes of providing 300,000 to 400,000 more passenger trips a year, or 10 percent more than the existing 4 million trips each year. This move earned praise from CityLab in an article titled, “Omaha Just Designed a Way Better Transit System for Zero Cost.”

Metro also has plans to add a rapid transit line in central Omaha as well as a modern streetcar.


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Metro identity

In late 2009, Oxide Design Co. was approached by Metro Area Transit (the local mass transportation provider in Omaha, Nebraska) to look into re-branding the organization. Both MAT and Oxide agreed that the organization was indeed in dire need of a refreshed identity in the marketplace for several reasons: A lot of public focus is starting to be placed on mass public transit throughout the nation. MAT has a great opportunity to shine at this moment of increased awareness. In…