Pitch Coal-Fire Pizzeria

Identity for a coal-fired pizzeria whose name is an allusion to the "pitch black" color of the anthracite coal in the super-hot oven.


Oxide featured in LogoLounge 6

We recently received our copy of LogoLounge 6: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers, which includes seven logos designed by the Oxide team. The book is part of a long-running series published by Rockport and is judged by eight leading designers from around the world. The entries are accepted through their website: logolounge.com and complied every 18 months into a new book. Below are the seven logos selected for LogoLounge 6.

Pitch Pizzeria identity

Amongst designers, it seems there’s an unspoken list of the absolute coolest possible design projects you could ever wish for. The list includes things like brewery, toymaker, candy manufacturer, amusement park, and most definitely pizzeria. I’m excited to say that Oxide recently had the opportunity to cross that last one off the list. We were approached by Willy Theisen (of Godfather’s Pizza fame) to assist in building an identity for the new upscale pizzeria he’s opening in Dundee. Pitch Pizzeria…