Springbok Instruments

Logo, brochure, and website for the revolutionary designer and manufacturer of precision test equipment for power lines.


Springbok messaging campaign

We recently partnered once again with Springbok Instruments, a company that makes innovative electronic test equipment for cable lines, for a messaging campaign that extended across a print brochure, a new website, and social media. This is an industry that I had never given much thought to and just taken for granted. But, whenever there’s an outage in cable lines, someone has to go out and find the problem and repair it. Springbok has been a driving force in the industry…

Springbok identity

Due to some recent recognition, I had the opportunity to dig through the Oxide archives for some additional information on a project from the studio’s early years. Seeing some of the concept sketches made me realize how refined our design process has become since those days. In turn, that led me to think it’d still be a great chance to show some fascinating tidbits from the vault.