The Biatomic Point

Logo and packaging for a rock band with a name that's a metaphor for an idea or feeling simultaneously shared by two people.


Oxide featured in LogoLounge 6

We recently received our copy of LogoLounge 6: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers, which includes seven logos designed by the Oxide team. The book is part of a long-running series published by Rockport and is judged by eight leading designers from around the world. The entries are accepted through their website: and complied every 18 months into a new book. Below are the seven logos selected for LogoLounge 6.

The Biatomic Point – A Year of Sundays

I’ve imagined for awhile that when I release my first album, it would immediately exist as part of a series of albums. The problem with that plan is that I’m not a musician (or at most, a Not Greatâ„¢ piano player). Thanks to my friend Travis, though, I get to live vicariously through The Biatomic Point. As mentioned in our story on the logo, we’ve been working on the art for their first album, A Year of Sundays. It turns…

The Biatomic Point logo

Travis Turner is the song-writer and frontman for the rock band The Biatomic Point. That’s all Travis has ever really considered doing with his life. He’s dead serious about being a rock star, and he’s got the talent to make it happen.