Last month, Oxide contributed to a poster show held by Civic Nebraska (formerly Nebraskans for Civic Reform). The show raised money to support the organization’s voting rights efforts. Civic Nebraska is part of a larger group of advocates in Nebraska and nationwide, working hard every day to improve our democracy. This includes, but is not limited to, efforts to prevent new barriers from being created, advocating for increased accessibility to the polls, and pursuing policies to modernize our voting system.

Protect the Vote poster by Oxide Design Co.Protect the Vote poster by Oxide Design Co.

Voting is a Constitutional right. To protect that right and win this fight, there are six steps (highlighted on our poster) that organizations like Civic Nebraska are working toward:

Expand the Voting Rights Act

Require Section 5 apply to every state that passes legislation
restricting voting rights.

Enact automatic voter registration

Automatically register all citizens to vote at the age of 18.

Eliminate obstacles to voting

Increase the usability and accessibility of all our voting systems, to make it as easy as possible for every voter to cast a ballot.

Expand vote by mail

Make vote-by-mail a permanent option for each voter, or move the state to an entirely vote-by-mail elections process.

Ensure reliable and verifiable vote counts

Require that votes have a physical record that can not be hacked electronically.

Eliminate corporate money in elections

Require full disclosure of political campaign contribution sources as well as reverse the Supreme Court decision to allow corporations to finance campaigns without legal restrictions.

Protect the Vote poster detail
Protect the Vote poster detail

View the project page for Protect the Vote Poster Show.