Turns out Kearney, Nebraska, is a pretty fun place to visit. It probably helps when you have a stellar and experienced tour guide, like Adam Torpin.

Oxide was able to take a short staff retreat last month — our first one ever! — and we finally made it out to see Adam’s new (no longer new) digs. While part of the retreat was focused on actual work, we took the opportunity for lowkey team development as we saw the sights.

If you ever find yourself in the Kearney area, I would recommend visiting the Museum of Nebraska Art. The architecture is lovely, and there are some fascinating pieces. While we were there, I was captivated by some textiles that had been drawn on by Native Americans, tracking the years by harvests, altercations with white people, and death tolls.

Museum of Nebraska Art
Native American art at MONA that took my breath away

We enjoyed meals at both Flippin’ Sweet restaurants — burgers and pizza. Word to the wise: The XL pizzas are no joke. We had a ridiculous amount of leftover mac n cheese pizza, which, unsurprisingly, does not travel well at room temperature for a three-hour drive.

The XL mac ‘n cheese pizza at Flippin’ Sweet

The Tiki Room at the Ramada Inn was probably my favorite of the bars we went to, but I’m a sucker for a Mai Thai and kitsch.

The Tiki Room bar at the Ramada Inn

The Bricks is a lively neighborhood to check out, and we stopped into an antique store with fun old signs. There’s plenty to do and see, even if all you’re doing is enjoying the calm rolling landscapes on the edges of town.

The scenic outskirts of Kearney
Joking aside, the Midwestern fall is lovely in Kearney

I recommend Kearney as a fun small city along the interstate to check out. I also recommend that if you’ve thought about visiting a friend, just go do it! It’s always a blast to get to see what they’re up to. (Yes, I’m talking to myself: Make trips like this happen!)