Travel, camaraderie, and… cider? Those are the ideas behind one of our recent clients, Saro Cider a new craft cidery and taproom that brings a unique idea to Lincoln, Nebraska.

Saro Cider (rhymes with “aero” as in “aeroplane”) started as an idea amongst four cider-loving friends. Their story is not uncommon — friends coming together to realize a dream — but their product is something altogether different. Traveling all over the world, they had come across craft ciders of all types and decided to try and bring those memorable flavors to Lincoln. Combining their love of cider with their love of travel, Saro Cider was born.

Saro Cider logo designed by Oxide Design Co.Saro Cider logo designed by Oxide Design Co.

The name Saro comes from a somewhat obscure traveling implement: the Saro Cloud. The Saro Cloud was a British flying passenger boat designed and built for the Royal Air Force in the 1930s. A quirky, vintage vehicle to represent a unique product.

The core ideas of travel and “the shared journey” were definitely something we worked to convey in the logo, and they’re very important to the Saro brand. We explored a few different directions all centered around these ideas. Taking cues from travel ephemera, motorcycles, the RAF, airline collateral, and anything else tied to this idea of wanderlust, we came up with a logo that brought all of this together, with a little nod to the primary ingredient of cider as well.

Saro Cider logo alternatesSaro Cider logo alternates

The final logo is reminiscent of a more romantic era of travel — one where the destination was only part of the adventure. The red mahogany color along with the off-white help reiterate this notion. Think yellowed postcard, a leather-bound passport, or a travel sticker slapped on an oversized trunk.

Saro Cider business cardsSaro Cider business cards

The extensions of this brand are as much fun as the logo itself and help reiterate the immersive experience Saro strives to be. The business cards are made to look like travel tags used on suitcases and trunks. The website uses a split-flap board for announcements and vintage travel art for backgrounds. (The split-flap board will also make a physical appearance in their taproom.) Their newly renovated space in downtown Lincoln attempts to recreate the eclectic feeling of international travel including a mural of Edinburgh and a Ural motorcycle (with sidecar!).

Saro Cider interior photosSaro Cider interior photos

With plans to bottle in the near future (be on the lookout for a separate Saro Cider packaging post!) and crowlers coming soon, Saro will soon be readily available. In the meantime, swing down to the taproom and sample one of the rotating craft ciders they have on tap.