I’ve loved writing for a very long time. Imagine my delight when, while exploring the box of keepsakes that my mom saved for me, I discovered a hardbound book I wrote in fifth grade.

Sheana, Mr. Muggle, and the Magic Book

This was a project that Mrs. DeRycke had all her students complete, and what a great idea. We wrote and illustrated our own original stories, and now have a look into our minds at the age of 10 or 11.

And now, you, too, can get a look into the mind of a young Mandy Mowers.

Here’s an enticing summary:

Sheana checks out an interesting book. When she gets home, she finds herself in a very strange place! Can she discover a way to get out? If she does, she doesn’t know if she can stop it from happening.

Will she be able to get out? How can she possibly tell the librarian? Will that be hard? Find out by reading this book.

And if that didn’t convince you to read the book, here are some reputable critic reviews*:

“Miss Mowers brings to life an incredible tale of adventure and imagination “¦ “
“” Booklist

“This book is very exciting “¦ “
“” School Library Journal

“This story takes place in a realistic place, but what happens is written in a creative, yet unreal way.”
“” Kirkus Review

*I also wrote these when I was 11.

Sheana, Mr. Muggle, and the Magic Book by Mandy MowersSheana, Mr. Muggle, and the Magic Book by Mandy Mowers

My current-day acknowledgements:

Thanks to Mrs. DeRycke for forcing us to create this awesome piece of personal history. Thanks to my mom for helping my entire fifth grade class with their books, and for saving mine for me. And thanks to Adam Torpin for digitizing it.

Download the PDF