Spencer Danner announced today that he’s running for Nebraska’s Secretary of State. We have been pleased to partner with Spencer to develop his branding, print materials, and website.

Across his brand we have infused energy and excitement, because that’s who Spencer is and what he’ll bring to this office. Spencer is not your traditional political candidate, so his brand isn’t a traditional political campaign.

Spencer Danner

Oxide always looks to develop branding and design that is appropriate to the project and the needs of the client. When we’re developing identity and logo work, that means we want to design something that won’t go out of style in a year. It needs to have staying power. With a political campaign, we got to create something fresh and hip, and we don’t have to worry so much about whether it will look dated two years from now.

We used strong, bold sans-serif letters for Spencer’s name and office. These hearken toward political campaign and lend a level of professionalism to the design. And then we used audacious scripts to convey various messages of Spencer’s campaign.

Spencer Danner muralSpencer Danner

The blue and gold are a nod toward the Nebraska state flag, which is fitting for one of the top five executive offices of the state.

The aptly named Secretary of State is involved in much more than I realized before meeting with Spencer. The SoS oversees elections, youth civic engagement, the real estate commission, the state seal, records management, and our commerce and cultural exchange. This office basically serves as the business arm of the state — a sort of state ambassador nationally and even internationally.

Nebraska has had the same Secretary of State since 2000. John Gale was first appointed to fill a vacancy and then elected four times. Gale is retiring after this term, so there’s finally a chance for something new to spark. In 18 years, Nebraskans haven’t had to think too hard about who to elect for this obscure, often overlooked office. But it’s an office that holds a lot of responsibility, and one that deserves attention.

Spencer Danner poster series
Spencer Danner poster seriesSpencer Danner
poster series

After years of being lulled into complacency about this office, I’m excited to learn of the importance of the Secretary of State. And I’m thrilled to be part of helping Spencer Danner establish his platform, which is all about elevating the office of SoS to best serve Nebraska.

The principles behind Spencer’s campaign are true to the heart of Nebraska’s independent nature:

  • PROTECT the integrity of our voting system and modernize Nebraska voter registration
  • PROMOTE agricultural commerce and invest in Nebraska small businesses
  • PRESERVE independence and be a fearless voice for Nebraska voters

As you probably know, Oxide is dedicated to protecting voting rights. We are honored to stand with Spencer on this crucial topic.