We recently partnered once again with Springbok Instruments, a company that makes innovative electronic test equipment for cable lines, for a messaging campaign that extended across a print brochure, a new website, and social media.

This is an industry that I had never given much thought to and just taken for granted. But, whenever there’s an outage in cable lines, someone has to go out and find the problem and repair it.

Springbok has been a driving force in the industry — truly revolutionizing the way this work is done. The main tool that the industry now uses is called a TDR (Time-Domain Reflectometer), and it was invented by the founder of Springbok. The original tool made it so technicians could locate the point of disconnection by sending a wave through the line — rather than digging up dozens of feet of cable. Now Springbok has made it so that a technician can hook up the tool, capture the wave form that locates the trouble spot instantaneously, and send that report off to homebase via bluetooth. This saves hours of downtime for cable companies and their customers. And it makes the technicians’ lives a lot easier too — not having to stand out in the rain or cold to make a reading.

 Springbok Instruments website Springbok Instruments website

Oxide had the fun and interesting challenge of determining the best way to market this tool across various media. We aimed the messaging at cable and repair companies, who know exactly what this technology is for (even if the rest of us don’t).

The message is straightforward: Get connected. The TDR is used for that exact reason: to get your lines reconnected, to get your users back to full service as quickly as possible. We reiterated this visually, by connecting all the letters. On their website, we even added a fun animation of this connection.

Springbok Instruments brochureSpringbok Instruments brochure

Personally, I love how this project shows Oxide’s passion to create the right message for the right audience. That’s always our aim: Appropriate, well-designed creative solutions for each client.

View the project page for Springbok Instruments.