Recently we’ve had the opportunity to work on creating a complete corporate identity and a website for Stand For Schools, an organization working to advance public education in Nebraska.

The efforts of Stand For Schools are centered around advocating research-proven best practices for education and ensuring that Nebraska continues to find appropriate solutions to our state’s unique challenges.

We began by working with the founder, Ann Hunter-Pirtle, to develop a name for the nascent non-profit. In the education advocacy space, it was critical to find a memorable name that separated itself from the growing field of acronym-based organizations (that tend to blur together).

The logo reiterates the community support idea by hinting at a button — the kind you’d see parents wearing at a sporting event with the photo of their child, or political activists wearing to support their candidate or cause. The upward arrows in the logo remind us that we are constantly pushing for improvement.

Stand For Schools business papersStand For Schools business papers

We extended the corporate identity by designing business papers, social media graphics, and other materials. We also made buttons and stickers, to bring the logo to life and provide a fun leave-behind.


Stand For Schools buttons and stickersStand For Schools buttons and stickers

The website carries the button theme further in the compelling graphic elements. It provides a straightforward place for visitors to learn about the questions that Nebraska is facing, like whether or not to implement charter schools and vouchers. The site will continue to expand into a comprehensive resource center.

Stand For Schools websiteStand For Schools website


View the project page for Stand For Schools.