Two plus years ago, I was asked to design a wedding logo for couple of friends of mine. This was a particularly unique wedding, which required a unique logo. Ronnie and Jane Stark met while playing hockey in the MCHL, an Omaha adult recreational hockey league. Ronnie had been playing for years and Jane, while only recently beginning, can been seen signing the National Anthem at Omaha Lancer games. Their shared passion for the sport and the place they met was the perfect setting for their ceremony. The wedding took place on ice, at the Motto McLean Ice Arena on March 5th, 2011.

Stark Wedding logo on jerseyStark Wedding
logo on a jersey

Ronnie’s favorite color is purple, and he proudly wears a purple hockey helment and pads. Needless to say, he wanted to include purple in the logo. Ronnie and Jane’s only other input was that I use the Grim Reaper as the primary image. They gave me various illustrations that they liked and left it up to me to make it work. Even though we all knew Ronnie loved the reaper, at the time it seemed like a rather odd thing to include in a wedding logo, no matter how non-traditional this wedding was going to be. Death is typically the last thing on your mind when you’re thinking about marriage. I was convinced it wasn’t going to make sense, until I realized the significance of the phrase “till death do us part” and how it was reiterated by the image of the reaper. I knew I had to work the phrase into the logo. I also created a secondary logo (crossed hockey sticks creating a heart) which is utilized in the primary logo.

Stark alternate wedding logo shoulder patchStark secondary wedding logo jersey shoulder patch

Obviously not those to follow tradition with a tuxedo and white dress, Ronnie and Jane had a set of orange and purple hockey jerseys made for their wedding party. After their short on-ice ceremony, they handed out extra jerseys to a group of friends from the league which they split into two teams, captained by Ronnie and Jane. A friendly game of hockey was exactly how they wanted to celebrate their special day. Hockey pucks – with the primary logo on one side, and the secondary logo on the other – served as wedding favors to those who attended the ceremony. Since the wedding, Ronnie and Jane have made sure that their custom jerseys didn’t go to waste, by forming a travel team appropriately named the Omaha Reapers.

Stark wedding puck favors and logoStark wedding puck
favors and logo