The team at Oxide has a lot to be thankful for! 2017 has been a great year for us all both professionally and personally. We’d like to take a moment to share these joys with all of you.

Thanksgiving 2017


I’m extremely thankful for my family. In March, my wife and I welcomed our second child, a healthy and beautiful baby boy we named Campbell. His big sister, Vivienne, could not be more in love with him. I’m thankful that Kearney, after living here for well over a year, is truly starting to feel like home. I’m also very thankful that the team at Oxide has worked so hard to create the best remote working experience possible.

Favorite Thanksgiving food: Stuffing


I’m thankful to share my life with my best friend, a wife who’s loving, smart, independent, and beautiful.  I’m grateful for two young boys who show creativity, curiosity, and kindness every day (one more analytical and the other more footloose). And I’m so happy to spend my days at work doing what I love — made possible by great clients and co-workers that make it so rewarding to create design work we’re all proud of.

Favorite Thanksgiving food: Swordfish


I have a beautiful home with a generous and loving partner, and we added to our family the dog we’ve been wanting for years. I get to work with these chuckleheads, whom I admire and respect, and who make up the best team. I have good friends and family — a circle that’s always growing. My life is full and happy, and I’m so grateful.

Favorite Thanksgiving food: Dessert


I’m most thankful for my family. My six-year-old son keeps my wife and I on our toes with challenging questions and daredevil stunts. (“Hey Dad, watch this!”) I’m thankful for coming to work every day and getting to do what I love. Design is incredibly frustrating but also incredibly rewarding (in so many ways) and I love it.

Favorite Thanksgiving food: Turkey


I am beyond thankful for getting the opportunity to have my first Thanksgiving as a married man. My wife and I got married last month. I am also thankful for my two dogs, Ruby and Penny. They keep Colette and me happy and busy. Ruby and Penny will be thankful for their doggie pumpkin pie with a crushed kibble crust. Pumpkin is their favorite food.

Favorite Thanksgiving food: My home-smoked turkey (but really everything)