Recently Oxide completed work for The Strawhecker Group (TSG), an Omaha-based consulting firm who provide advisory services for financial institutions from fintech startups to Fortune 500 companies.

TSG home pageTSG’s clean design gives content room to breath.

When they reached out to Oxide, they were looking for a new website. Their previous website failed to project the level of professionalism and influence they have within their industry. It was a relic of TSG’s early days when they were a small company working in the nascent electronic payments space. Since then, they’ve enjoyed growth along with the growth electronic payments have made in recent years. Today electronic payments are everywhere, and TSG has established itself as a leading consulting group in this space.

TSG needed a website that matched their company image. They needed something that communicates to clients and potential clients that they are an influential voice in electronic payments, and a place that explains their services without giving up their trade secrets.

We set out to give them a website that does all these things without being overly trendy. One of Oxide’s goals with all clients is to give them design that looks as great years from now as it does today. We never want someone years from now to look at our work and say, “That looks so 2018.”

Taking cues from their existing logo, we put together a color palette of complementary greens and grays, and typography that conveys a modern sensibility. Overall, these design choices give the website a very clean, futuristic feel, which seems to be a good fit since TSG mostly works with clients involved in new and emerging technologies.

TSG’s work is very specialized and one of their biggest challenges from a communication point of view is explaining what they do. With this understanding, we built a layout that gives the content plenty of room to breathe. Services are broken out into small introductory pieces to give visitors a glimpse of what TSG does for clients without overwhelming visitors with too much content.

We also put in many subtle animated transitions into the website to give it a slight sense of motion. One of my favorite features is a simple UX interaction on the TSG Team bio page. When a user hovers over a team member’s portrait, the content container pops up just slightly to let users know to click for more information. I suppose I like to geek out over details.

TSG TeamSubtle UX interaction leads users to more information.

The TSG team were wonderful to work with. They were very open to our vision of this site and I believe they enjoyed the process of working with Oxide. We hope you check out the website and get a taste of what TSG does.