We’ve used our 10th anniversary to launch some pretty exciting things. We have an entirely new website and our own bus. But the thing that’ll have the biggest impact on our next 10 years is easy to miss: our new manifesto.

This list is a direct response to every client interaction we’ve ever had. It’s an acknowledgement that the design process is complex, unpredictable, and personal – and sometimes a little too much for all of us.

Oxide is a communications and information design firm. We design to solve problems, realize meaningful change, help people, and make sense of the world. This is our manifesto. If you also believe these things, we'd like to design with you. Design is collaborative. 1. It's essential that everyone trust each other's expertise. 2. Decision-makers must always be a part of the process. 3. The best solutions are often the least expected. 4. Sometimes there's only one best solution. 5. We share the same goal: solving the problem as you've defined it. Design is valuable. 6. It's essential that everyone be invested in the process. 7. Our livelihood is design, so we can't design for nothing. Design is good. 8. Design can solve problems. 9. Design can realize meaningful change. 10. Design can help people. 11. Design can make sense of the world.This is our manifesto

This list is also an opportunity to align our personal and professional selves. It’s an admission that – as people and as professional designers – we cannot disable our love for the potential of design.

So we’ve taken a look back at our most successful projects, identified the things that really worked, and distilled them down to these 11 things. For the first time, we’re asking all of our new clients to read and agree to these things before we sign a contract. That’s a pretty big deal.

Each of these things addresses a specific part of the design process, and each of them establishes an understanding between us and our clients that provides the best chance so far that we’re all working towards the same goal.

Collectively, they frame a vision of Oxide’s future that allows for more opportunities to solve problems, realize meaningful change, help people, and make sense of the world.