Ask most designers who they’d most like to design for, and it’s likely you’ll hear a similar list of companies including Apple, Nike, Volkswagen, Target, and Herman Miller. It’s not that we wouldn’t welcome the chance to work with any of those clients. But lately I’ve been dreaming of partnering with a more personalized list of possibilities.

When I think about who would be a great fit for Oxide, I think of companies and organizations with which we have more connection. The kinds of places where our pre-existing passion for their brand would make the design even better. This is a list of the top five new clients I’m hoping we can connect with in 2013. (Any information to that end will earn you a sizable fruit basket.)



I know that not many people get passionate about gas stations, but I see QuikTrip as the Mecca of convenience stores. The consumer experience is always second-to-none, and this is clearly a company that sees the value of professional and consistent branding. They’re doing a great job bolstering their brand through everything from excellent design on signage and packaging, to store layout and customer service training. It’d be a joy to continue to design within their well-defined visual systems to build a better and better brand.



If you don’t already know this about me, I’ve become a bit of a watch aficionado, particularly for the wide-band variety. Watchismo is at the top of their game in the online retail watch marketplace. I think great identity and website design could put them in the national spotlight, and increase sales exponentially. Who better to do that than a watch fanboy? Extra bonus: maybe trade-out could help me add the crown jewel to my collection.



Switch is a great company merging design and technology in the creation of beautiful, efficient LED bulbs. I’m just about to replace every light bulb in my home and office with a Switch. This is a product so brilliant (pun intended) that it practically sells itself. A bold but sophisticated design program could turn them into the Apple of the lighting world. I’d love the opportunity to treat this bulb like the hero it is and really let it shine (another pun intended). Warning: puns should not actually be employed in the marketing of Switch.



I use Hipmunk every time I book travel. Their interface is easy to use, they have a great sense of how to visualize data for maximum usability, and they employ a thoughtful algorithm to sort flight options by “Agony” – a combination of price, duration, and number of stops. They’re doing a great job on design already, but our best client experiences are with companies that already have a long history of deep respect for the value of design. It’d be great to keep refining the visual brand – along with the design fit and finish – of this great online service.


Nebraska Humane Society

I am a huge supporter of the efforts of the Nebraska Humane Society. My wife and I have fostered hundreds of animals for NHS over the years (and my wife now sits on their Board of Directors). To me, their visual branding has always seemed like a missed opportunity, partially because they’ve needed to accept piecemeal donated help along the way from wherever they can get it. I get excited every time I think about being able to create design for NHS that showcases and celebrates the unparalleled work they do every day.


This list isn’t meant to suggest that we’re not having a great time with all of our current clients. We’re as busy as we’ve ever been, working with a wonderful group of partners. Some days it’s just fun to dream about who else we might be able to help.