Oxide recently had the pleasure of working with the team at Tripleseat to overhaul their corporate web site. (Developed by Brightmix, Tripleseat is a sales and event management solution for owners and managers of restaurants, banquet facilities and catering operations.) The previous site had undergone a long history of being constantly tweaked to chase the latest SEO trend, with no one keeping an eye on the big picture. The result was a site heavy on verbiage and buzzwords, that sent potential customers frantically searching for the exit the moment they arrived. Our basic creative brief was to build an aesthetically-pleasing site that underscored the ease of the Tripleseat product, with a primary focus on conversion of visitors to customers.

Tripleseat websiteTripleseat homepage

Working with the team at Tripleseat, we re-evaluated their overall messaging and determined what they really need to be saying to their target audience. Our partner Monica McFarland wrote the copy that brings the site to life. For phase two, we’ll be working with SEO/SEM expert (and self-proclaimed foodie) Derek Eskens to build a set of mini search-engine campaigns to bring specific micro-target audiences to the site. There’s already been a great deal of buzz about the new site, and we’ll be closely monitoring the analytics and tracking the conversion rate to make sure the site exceeds all of its business goals.

Home page of the previous tripleseat.com site, before Oxide's redesignHome page of the previous tripleseat.com site, before Oxide’s redesign

We could go into detail about our thinking behind the visual design of the new site, but in this case the before and after pictures are worth more than a thousand words. Lastly, if you’re involved in the restaurant, banquet, or catering industry, we highly recommend you look into Tripleseat; it really is a great tool (and not just because of the new web site).

View the project page for Tripleseat.