We’ve had the pleasure of working with University of Nebraska Omaha‘s University Communications office for the past few years. Typically, the projects are more internal, focusing on bringing consistency to the UNO brand or the information architecture of the University’s website. But recently we were also able to partner with them on a more public project.

UNO Graduate Studies campaign billboard conceptUNO Graduate Studies campaign billboard concept

The brief

The University Communications team asked us to develop a campaign to promote UNO’s Graduate Studies program to a local and regional market.

The primary audience was current undergraduate and graduate students looking to continue their education. But secondarily, we were also looking to reach professionals looking to move up in their careers, and professionals looking to make a major career change.

The key challenge of the project was a common lack of knowledge about the full range of offerings provided by UNO Graduate Studies. We were also working against a more general lack of public knowledge about what you can do with graduate degrees. Lastly, we needed to craft a message to reach a very wide range of audience types and demographics.

UNO_Brochure_01UNO Graduate Studies viewbook brochure

The solution

After an in-depth process of data collection, research, and collaboration, we honed in on the idea of evoking the excitement and potential of the next phase of each person’s life, whether they’re still an undergraduate student or a seasoned professional.

We developed the headline “What’s Next?” to convey that idea, and bolstered it with the supporting line “UNO offers more than 70 world-class graduate and professional programs to help you decide” to underscore the breadth of available offerings. The campaign concept included a companion microsite that would walk visitors through a clear and simple flowchart, to help them narrow their interests and experience into the UNO graduate program perfect for them.

The visuals of the campaign are centered around the idea of people in motion – actively moving toward “what’s next.” This underscores the concept, and gives all of the pieces an active, vibrant feel. We also employed a subtle page-framing technique to imply the flipping frames of film in motion.

UNO Graduate Studies campaign newspaper ad conceptUNO Graduate Studies campaign newspaper ad concept

The results

UNO’s talented in-house team finalized the viewbook and followed the visual standards we built to develop supporting print materials, which are now being distributed. The broader media campaign has not yet launched, but we look forward to seeing it in the future.

We continue to appreciate the opportunity to work with Omaha’s “hometown” metropolitan university, shining a spotlight on the accomplishments and value of a great institution.