Did we learn our lesson from the failure of our proposed Benson Mighty Bunnies logo? No we did not. Without being asked, I designed a new logo for the Westside High School (Omaha, NE) athletic department. (Before our designer friends get mad at us, please read the entire story.)

Proposed Westside Warriors logoProposed Westside Warriors logo
Westside Warriors logo before and afterWestside Warriors logo before and after

Westside is currently using The University of Wisconsin’s athletic logo, paying them an annual logo usage fee. This was perhaps somewhat acceptable prior to The University of Nebraska’s move to the Big Ten Conference, but it is now a logo that should be despised by the citizens of our state. I realize that not everyone in Nebraska is a Husker fan, but I believe the time for Westside to create their own unique identity is now.

The Warrior nickname is fantastic. It says everything you’d want about the correlation of sport to battle – it’s human, aggressive, and tied to the bravest of each generation. The logo should represent all Westside athletes, who come in every size, race, and gender. Illustrating a human warrior would be end up being way too specific. So how do you say “warrior” without showing a warrior? With modern weaponry obviously off-limits, I chose crossed spears as the iconic “warrior” design element, paired with custom-built type. Bold logos with solid colors and thick outlines are here to stay in the sports world, so this logo should be as long-lasting as possible.

Proposed Westside Warriors logo
Proposed Westside Warriors jacket
Warriors logos

For our clients, Oxide follows an extensive research and exploration process to create unique and appropriate identities. However, it is sometimes fun to create something with your own vision leading the way. Having a project with no pressure, guidelines, or due date can be nice break from the day-to-day job of a designer.

This logo was not created with the intention of implementation by Westside High School. It was not created for Oxide to profit in any way. It was simply created as a fascinating design exercise. That being said, if Westside ends up being interested in my study, I would love to work with them to create the right logo for their needs.