A few weeks ago, I finished my internship at Oxide Design Co., which ended up being one of, if not the most valuable learning experiences I’ve had in the design world. When looking for places to intern, there was always one thing for sure: Oxide was at the top of my list. The quality of the work that is being produced there really excites me. I was, of course, overjoyed when I was accepted as an intern. Despite the short two-week timeframe, I was determined to learn as much about Oxide and their process as I could while I was there.

Evan Woods self-portraitEvan Wood self-portrait

Oxide has a very personal feel in their work and the workplace environment. I was greeted warmly by the entire team on my first day and was quickly shown how Oxide operates. I then received an overview of their current projects, including the projects I would be working on during my stay. I knew from the start that I would be a fully integrated member of the team.

The responsibilities I had on projects far exceeded what I was expecting.I was allotted time to concept and was granted creative freedom in the projects I was tasked with. I was thrilled when I learned how the clients felt about these projects. I received positive, direct, and valuable feedback from both the clients and the Oxide team.

Going into work every day didn’t feel like a mundane task like one would expect from working a 9–5 job. Instead, it was a nice creative space, full of supportive and knowledgeable designer buddies, cracking jokes, and keeping a very light, yet productive attitude in the office. At times when the pressure started to rise or “crunch time,” as Drew would say, the attitude still remained calm and casual, but also focused and productive. Any moments of intensity were always managed well, be it through some problem solving or just getting some tacos at Mula. Every day managed to be a great experience.

I was honored to be able to work with Oxide and was amazed at just how natural it felt. I had the opportunity to make real, impactful decisions on projects, and I was able to produce work which I’m personally proud of. This challenged me to make new considerations of what’s possible to achieve with design and how the process from start to finish on a project looks in real life. Working with Oxide was a pleasure and a joy. It was extremely insightful and beneficial for me as a designer. I was not wrong by putting Oxide at the top of my internship list.