If you are looking for one of those internships where the lowly intern is thrown into a tiny cubicle sharpening pencils and folding mailers, then you’ve come to the wrong place. During my time at Oxide, I’ve learned what it’s like to work with an awesome team that does great work. A small design studio has always been appealing to me, and after my experiences here, I’ve really grown to love it. The office itself is one really cool room where everyone is working, joking, and bouncing around ideas. I even got the desk next to the sweet office dog Rosie for a little while. It was fun to observe how Drew and Adam handled conference calls and see Julia discussing a site map with a client. And best of all, I got to work on real client projects!

Julie Gates self-portraitJulie Gates self-portrait

Mostly having done fictitious projects for school on my own, it was a huge learning experience to be able to work on actual client projects with the Oxide team.

It was a different scenario than I was used to, working as a group and solving problems together. I’ve learned so much from all the experienced designers here. Not once did I feel like just an intern. I always felt like a member of the team, and what I did mattered.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the projects I got to work on:

Maha Music Festival Local Gig PosterMaha Music Festival Local Stage gig poster
  • Designing Maha Music Festival‘s local gig poster. A screen printed gig poster is a project every designer looks forward to. The line work in this poster was inspired by an old map of Omaha, creating a whimsical world where the map grid is suspended in mid air.
  • The beginnings of revamping Oxide’s website to make room for other great work to come. This was tough because Oxide has great work, so deciding what projects should go was a difficult task. Being able to discuss what makes a project more successful than others was a good experience for me.
  • Concepting and design of a logo for the Center for Civic Design, an organization that ensures voter intent through design.
  • Working on logo concepts for a national cinema equipment supply company’s new product.
  • Collaborating on the rebranding of Joslyn Castle, a historic estate in Omaha now used to educate and enhance the cultural aspects of the community.

Whether it’s sharing our weekend stories at traffic meetings, taking a quick break at Bucky’s for an afternoon pick-me-up, or concepting logos, I just know that everyone here cares so much about their work and each other. I think it’s awesome that Oxide takes on clients that are doing great things and clients that help build the community around us. I feel very lucky to have taken part in the Oxide experience!