“A bad logo used consistently is infinitely more valuable than even the best logo used inconsistently.”
– Drew Davies, Oxide Design Co.

Brand guidelines are a key part of the final deliverables you should be handing over to a design client. These guidelines help ensure that everyone on the client’s team can maintain consistency as different elements of the brand are used internally or externally. As we all know, consistency is vital to building brand recognition.

Jibo brand bookJibo brand book
designed by Oxide

Brand guidelines are just that — guides for using the brand elements. Any part of a brand that has been codified should come with user guidelines. These guidelines can be used by anyone within your client’s company and should be shared with any vendor who is applying the logo (or any part of the brand) to ensure it’s being used in the right ways. (For instance, a vendor can make sure they’re using the right Pantone when they recommend an incentive for sending to customers.)

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