When Oxide designs a logo, we typically go through a lengthy process which includes brand questionnaires, a patented concepting slide process, and weeks of research and sketching. This is all done in attempt to create a memorable logo that’s not only visually appealing, but conceptually captivating as well. Only once we’ve found the solution(s) do we take our concept to the computer. (Many think that this is the only step required to “design”.) And while it’s not the most important step, the visual build of a logo will make or break the overal concept.

Zipline Brewing Co. logo before and afterZipline Brewing Co.
logo before and after

Zipline Brewing Co. came to us last year looking for a variety of design work, including packaging (which will be unveiled later this year). All they had was a logo – which in their minds was finished – and a website. Pleased with the existing logo’s concept, we simply asked if we could take a look at a refinement. The guys at Zipline were up for it, so we started looking at where we could make some tweaks.

We began by thinking ahead to the packaging. Zipline desired an identity that skewed towards minimalism. Since zipline cables give the brewery its namesake, vintage industrial package design served as the perfect inspiration. Vintage American beer cans and bottles often implemented a similar aesthetic.

Zipline beer inspirationZipline beer

We wanted to build custom letterforms, and this era in package design was a great reference for how fonts can can be built with a clean, simple aesthetic, but still have a hand-crafted feel. Building custom letterforms for logos is a somewhat common practice at Oxide. It allows us to get the exact look and feel that’s right for the specific project.

Zipline Brewing Co. type buildoutZipline Brewing Co.
type buildout

The cable that replaced the I’s in the original logo was not uniform enough to look industrial. We wanted it to look as machined as possible, so we looked at actual steel cable samples to create various options that had the right look.

Zipline Brewing Co. cable refinementZipline Brewing Co.
cable refinement

Implementation on various pieces like coasters, glassware, and packaging, has allowed us to play with the logo. When possible, the logo runs off 2 sides of the piece to create the illusion of a continuously-running zipline.

Zipline Brewing Co. coastersZipline Brewing Co. coasters

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