I recently posted about our redesign of Zipline Brewing Co.’s logo, and had promised we would soon share the package design. Well, if you haven’t already seen it around the Lincoln, NE area, the time is now!

Zipline Brewing Co. NZ IPA

The industrial look we established on the coasters and business cards has been carried through to the packaging. Since day one, the guys at Zipline were looking for an identity that skewed towards minimalism. Looking at shelves of beer, it seems like every brewery is trying to outdo the previous with more and more stuff jammed onto their labels. Elaborate woodcut illustrations, metallic gradients, and full-color printing have become the norm. Minimalism in the world of beer packaging is like a breath of fresh air.

Zipline Brewing Co. bottlesZipline Brewing Co. bottles

The zip line cable that replaces the “i’s” in the logo is extended to bleed off the right and left of all packaging. When placed directly next to each other (as they are seen on store shelves), a continuous cable is formed from one package to the next. To give the packaging an additional element of interest, we rotated the rest of the content as well.

Zipline Brewing Co. six packsZipline Brewing Co. six packs

The system was built to expand quickly and easily, so we developed a simple color palette that is used sparingly to help define each beer. Since it’s the only element that changes from package to package (besides minimal type elements), the color becomes a very important piece of the identity. The palette was built to accommodate Zipline’s future beers for several years down the road.

Bottom of Zipline Brewing Co. six packsBottom of Zipline Brewing Co. six packs

The bottom of the six packs include Zipline’s “Brave New Brew” tagline, contact info, a simple map with directions to their taproom, and details on a deal that saves you money on your next taproom visit!

Zipline Brewing NZ IPA case boxZipline Brewing NZ IPA case box

A few of the other items we’ve been designing for Zipline include posters, tap handles, and 750 ml specialty beer packaging. We’re excited to share those with you in the near future!

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