Last year, Zipline Brewing partnered with Harbour Brewing of North Cornwall, England, to create a limited edition beer. For the international collaboration, they brewed a Baltic Porter (an imperial porter historically brewed in England) right here in Lincoln, Nebraska — which they packaged in 750ml bottles.

Zipline / Harbour logosZipline / Harbour

When approached by Zipline, we noticed that, from an aesthetic standpoint, the two breweries shared a very similar minimalistic industrial style. Similar to the template we set up for Zipline, Harbour Brewing’s design partner, A-Side Studio, had created a very simple system that spans their entire beer line.

Brewing locationsBrewery

We believed that a collaboration label between the two breweries should have design elements unique to each, borrowing the distinguishing parts from both.

Harbour’s labels furnished:

  • Color horizontally splitting the label
  • Bold, oversized horizontal type
  • Dashed cartography lines

Zipline’s labels lent:

  • Zipline’s fonts and left aligned type
  • Horizontal zip line cable
  • Style/placement of vertical government warning and details

Below, I’ve illustrated how a “Baltic Porter” beer name would be applied to each brewery’s layouts, and then the final collaboration label.

Standard label designs for each breweryStandard label designs
for each brewery
Baltic Porter collaboration labelBaltic Porter
collaboration label

The team at Zipline liked the new label so much that it dictated a shift in the style of their entire line of 750 ml bottles, which you can see and purchase at area liquor grocery stores.

Baltic Porter bottle

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