Make things.

I came to be a web developer in a somewhat unorthodox fashion. I didn’t grow up writing code. I didn’t major in computer science in college. But I have always enjoyed making things and understanding how things are connected.

Backing up your WordPress site:
A refresher

Most of the websites we build for our clients run on WordPress. This is great, especially for users responsible for updating site content. WordPress sites are user-friendly and convenient, and the platform itself is well documented and actively supported. As such, new versions of WordPress are released fairly frequently, and updating to the latest version is highly recommended as it provides additional features and helps keep your site secure. One ¼ber-important thing to keep in mind before you update to…

Julia’s Great™ movies

I watched a lot of movies this weekend. (Guardians of the Galaxy, Gravity, and The Internship – if you were curious.) This got me thinking it was about time to resurrect the old Oxide classic: the Great™ movies blog post. As Adam explained in his list awhile back, “a Great movie is one that you would watch right now.” Now, I tend to really enjoy fantasy and/or sci-fi films – and Shakespeare adaptations. You’ll see many such films below. While…

Code is friend, not foe

Should design students learn how to code? Yes? No? How much? Why? As a designer-who-develops/developer-who-designs, I wanted to share some thoughts on the topic. My hope is that by explaining a little, it will help you – as someone interested in web or UX design – make informed decisions about the kinds of opportunities that would be best for you to pursue.

Hello World

So, it occurs to me that I’ve been at Oxide for a month now, and haven’t introduced myself yet. Hi, everyone – I’m Julia.