Oxide recently had the honor of developing a visual identity for country singer/songwriter duo Belles and Whistles. Jaymie Jones (of Mulberry Lane fame) and her daughter Kelli officially formed the group in September of 2011. In the following months, they recorded and released a three-song EP, produced by Grammy winning Don Gehman, who has worked with artists John Mellencamp, Hootie & the Blowfish, Tracy Chapman, and Pat Green.

Belles and Whistles is currently in the studio with Don, writing and recording their second EP. They spent the summer of 2012 playing Midwest state and county fairs and festivals in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Colorado, Nevada, and Tennessee, with regional country radio airplay.

Belles and Whistles logoBelles and Whistles logo

Creating a successful identity for artists of any medium is extremely rewarding. Individuals who consider themselves creative – whether they’re in the arts or not – are generally the hardest to please. If we were to hire someone to write an “Oxide jingle” (how about some trade-out, gals?), we would probably be extremely critical.

Belles and Whistles logo sketchesBelles and Whistles logo sketches

Jaymie and Kelli wanted a logo that paired their all-girl identity with a bit of country roughness. Key elements of the duo are authenticity, honesty, and a very down-to-earth sensibility, and we worked to capture those attributes in a hand-rendered logotype.

Along the way, Oxide collaborated with very talented calligrapher Cheryl Dyer to create some of the type concepts we proposed to the client. In the end, Belles and Whistles selected a direction we’d designed entirely in-house, but we think any of the options would have been great.

Belles and Whistles logo concepts presented to clientBelles and Whistles logo concepts presented to client

Oxide also collaborated with Belles and Whistles to design and develop a new website for the band. Jaymie and Kelli came to Oxide with a great set of photos taken by Scott Dobry, which perfectly capture the same sensibilities as the logo. It made perfect sense to showcase the images on the site in a significant way. The site is a stripped-down, simple and sophisticated portal to their social media outlets, links to to purchase and listen to their music, and a short bio. Just enough to convey everything you need to know about this up-and-coming duo.

Belles and Whistles websiteBelles and Whistles website
Belles and Whistles t-shirt conceptBelles and Whistles t-shirt

View the project page for Belles and Whistles.