After a local public meeting in August 2012, a small group of business owners, property owners, and residents began gathering weekly to discuss the process of developing a Business Improvement District for the area of 36th to 42nd along Farnam Street. Group member Brad Iwen (of Iwen Exposures) approached Oxide to create an identity for the district.

Blackstone District logo

Mission: Our goal is to re-create and nurture a district that is lively, pedestrian-friendly, and provides a unique cultural experience for businesses, residents, and all members of the community.

Oxide has called the area home since opening our doors in 2001. So naturally we were thrilled to be involved with the project. For Drew Davies, Oxide founder, the neighborhood was – and continues to be – an easy choice because of its charm and centralized location.

Blackstone building

After discussing various name options, the historic Blackstone building, located on 36th Street, became the district’s namesake. Not only is it the area’s most prominent architectural landmark, but it’s also a great link to its Golden Age. The logo’s design draws directly from the historic ironwork and typography found on the building. We decided that black and white simplicity would serve to further the logo’s nostalgic feel.

The group is currently working on two separate projects. First, is the formation of the Business Improvement District. Second, is converting this stretch of Farnam Street from one-way to two way traffic. One-way traffic, while good for commuters, is bad for business. Areas of Farnam Street to the east and west are already two-way, and with several other routes for commuters to exit the downtown area, the need for one-way traffic on Farnam Street is no longer necessary.

For more information on the Blackstone District, please contact Brad Iwen:

View the project page for Blackstone District.