We just launched a new website for one the coolest time-tracking services out there. This new software, Bric (getbric.com), is one of the cleanest and most beautiful time-tracking products I’ve seen. Brainchild of Grant Stanley and Josh Hoberman, Bric helps you manage your professional services team and their time effectively.

brc_homepageBric website homepage

Current features include project management, project planning, time tracking, advanced reporting, and team management. I’m impressed how Bric helps its users accurately plan their team’s calendar and makes managing time a breeze. My personal favorite and most exciting benefit is the maximizing of the work you’re already doing. Knowing how much time is being spent and who’s doing what, is quite game-changing. No need to change how you do business. The site also features a neat utilization calculator in order to help potential new users estimate additional profits.

brc_featuresBric website – Features page

Our team put together a really nice simplistic design that goes hand-in-hand with the rest of the brand. Utilizing bootstrap and other SVG elements, this site was a joy to build and is a delight to visit over and over.

brc_pricingBric website – Pricing page

We invite you to check out the Bric site at getbric.com. Have fun checking out at the colorful design and layout. And learn a thing or two about how to maximize your profits!

View the project page for Bric.