During my internship, the guys gave me the opportunity to design a poster. The Build a Stronger Nebraska Together poster exhibition (a partnership of Nebraska Appleseed, The Match Factory, and Screen Ink) asked ten designers/design firms to create a poster that would “inspire all citizens of this great state to work together to create a more inclusive, more vibrant community”.

There were five topics we could select from: opportunity, democracy, equality, justice and community (our selection). It was my responsibility to concept the idea, research other posters, and present my findings to the rest of the team. I made several thumbnails, many of which failed to capture our vision of communitya vitally important and personal issue that’s often seen as everyone else’s responsibility.

But there was one concept that was simple but still carried that complex message. After some brilliant art direction from the guys, we stripped away the clutter and found our solution.

Build a Stronger Nebraska posterBuild a Stronger Nebraska poster for Nebraska Appleseed

This was our thought: Community wouldn’t exist without you. It’s as simple as that. We want to motivate those who are a part of community to keep doing what they’re doing, and we want to encourage those who aren’t in a community to join or create one. It’s inspiring to see people become a part of something bigger than themselves.

The poster was printed on French paper with Pantone black and metallic silver ink. When it made it’s way to the Oxide office, it didn’t look like I had envisioned. It was better. The guys thought so too. They had faith in the poster. They had faith in me. I’m proud of the solution we found and proud to have contributed to a cause that means so much to me.

“Community” is sold out, but you can purchase other posters from the Stronger Nebraska show here.

View the project page for Nebraska Appleseed.