Introducing Gutenberg

Recently, I wrote a post on the Oxide blog about the future of WordPress. Big changes to the web’s most used content management system are getting closer and closer (yet we still don’t know exactly when the changes will officially be part of the WordPress core). If you had the chance to read that post, you’ll know that I laid out some ideas and predictions on the impact of WordPress’ new editing experience, aptly named Gutenberg (after the inventor of…

WordPress 5.0, or How I learned to stop worrying and love the future

At Oxide we use WordPress to build client web projects. We love WordPress because it’s such a versatile tool to build websites. It comes right out of the box with a very mature content management system that’s simple to hand off to clients to maintain themselves. One of our main goals with any web project is to make it as extensible as possible for clients so they don’t have to come back to us to maintain content or make small…

The Most Magical Place on Earth (that every designer needs to visit)

It’s rare to find a designer without some level of reverence for Disney. The brand is a household name internationally, and practically every designer yearns for a chance to work on any kind of project with them. (One Omaha-based firm even got the opportunity.) You already know they own the rights to every cool franchise in the universe (except for Aquaman). And you’ve undoubtedly heard the story of their billion-dollar MagicBand. But take it from me, the Disney brand is…

What’s a “sport”?

If you’ve been around the Oxide office lately, you’d have heard us bantering back and forth over the difference between a competitive activity and a “sport”. For myself, I think there’s an interesting series of questions there as well as a pretty funny discussion. What is the traditional definition of “sport”? What, according to popular culture, is considered a sport today? Which definition takes precedence (popular opinion vs. traditional)? It’s my hope that through this brief blog post, I’ll at…

Flywheel may be the best thing ever

About a year or so ago, a friend of mine, Rick Knudtson, hinted at something he and Dusty Davidson were working on. He was talking about a hosting company. But not just any hosting company – this would be a hosting company that was design-centric and WordPress-optimized. He was talking about everything Oxide has ever wanted in a hosting company.

Twitter should flow inward

Does anybody remember that one time when everybody put a scrolling Twitter feed on a website because they could? Oh, right, that’s still going on right now. Can anybody really give you a good reason why a Twitter feed belongs on the front page of a company’s or non-profit’s website? I’m not talking about a small simple “follow me” link or button, I mean those bulky, full-on Tweet repeating lists.

Top 5 new clients I’d like to work with

Ask most designers who they’d most like to design for, and it’s likely you’ll hear a similar list of companies including Apple, Nike, Volkswagen, Target, and Herman Miller. It’s not that we wouldn’t welcome the chance to work with any of those clients. But lately I’ve been dreaming of partnering with a more personalized list of possibilities.

A logo obsession confession

Several years ago, I started to take notice of a logo I would see every once in a while. It wasn’t a particularly great logo by the design standards that I had been taught, but it was catching. A train passing by every once in a while would have some freight containers loaded onboard, and every so often one of the containers was emblazoned with a cheerful alligator. Not only was this beefy green alligator illustrated to look ridiculously happy,…

Why I love OverClocked ReMix

If you’ve looked at my personal page, you’ll find that 40% of my officially stated inspiration comes from something music related. At the top of that list is a little gem called OverClocked ReMix. OCR (as many have now come to know it by) is a website and online community devoted to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form. Therein lies the first and most fundamental reason why I love this website.

Dieter Rams:
Weniger, aber besser

More often than I care to admit, I serendipitously stumble across something highly inspiring that it could be argued I should have already known about. Something that’s been right under my nose, perhaps even had a great influence on me, but of which I’ve not previously been keenly aware.