With a wealth of diverse business experience and a healthy measure of rolling-up-their-sleeves-and-get-things-done-ness, Wendi and Matt Seger set out on a new adventure: opening a restaurant in their hometown of Alamosa, Colorado.

Locavores logoLocavores
primary logo

After several years of dedicated lifestyle changes to be a healthier family, the Segers recognized a need in small-town southern Colorado for fast, healthy, local food. For a family on the move, fast-casual dining options were limited, especially when they looked for something healthy.

Wendi has been a successful businesswoman and has even earned a doctorate in business. Matt is a hard-working farmer, growing potatoes in the San Luis Valley. Starting a restaurant that makes use of locally grown food was a way for the couple to combine their passions and skills toward a venture they believe will truly benefit their whole community. Imagine ordering a meal with lettuce picked less than 48 hours ago!

Locavores secondary logosLocavores secondary logos

Coming to us with their grand idea and their deep passion, Wendi and Matt partnered with Oxide to brand their fledgling endeavor. For a name, we collaborated with them to create Locavores, a fun word that can be sussed out as “eaters of local food” — perfect for their restaurant concept!

Locavores is all about pride of place and helping to inspire people to eat well. We developed a tagline for them — “fresh inspired food” — which expresses their key values and pairs nicely with the “local” element implicit in their name.

From there, we had a great time developing logo concepts that expressed all of their key values visually.

Unselected Locavores logo conceptsUnselected Locavores logo concepts

The logo they landed on symbolizes a map pin, a garden plant marker, and a meat-doneness marker. (We also created alternate concepts that hinted at other appropriate symbols like a rallying flag, crates of produce at a farmers market, and a growing vegetable sprout.)

This project was an absolute blast. It’s always a treat to work with people who care so much about the work they’re up to — in both personal and communal ways.

Locavores cupsLocavores

We also got to design cups for people to carry the brand out into the world, as well as a fun patterned paper to line the trays on which the food is served. The pattern elements are custom-illustrated icons that all reflect locally sourced foods that Locavores provides.

We’ve been working with Locavores on additional extensions of the brand, including a map of their area with pins of where the various foods are grown (using the food icons we designed), and a massive version of the primary logo that serves as their eye-catching exterior signage.

Locavores linerLocavores

We hold out hope that someday a Locavores will be available in Omaha. In the meantime, make sure to stop by Alamosa if you’re ever in southern Colorado.

View the project page for Locavores.