Today marks the initial public launch of the brand new corporate identity that Oxide designed for Metropolitan Community College in Omaha. We’re excited to see it unveiled, and looking forward to seeing it implemented across the various MCC campuses.

d20130715_02Before and after versions of the Metropolitan Community College logo

In recent years, MCC’s identity had lost focus, and they’d found themselves in the all-to-common situation of having multiple variations of several different logos in use, no clear identity guidelines, and a visual brand that didn’t even begin to accurately capture the positive nature of the institution.

d20130715_12One-color reverse application of the new Metropolitan Community College identity

In March of 2013, Metropolitan Community College engaged Oxide to develop a new corporate identity for the college. Over the last several months, we collaborated with a core team of administrators, faculty, and students at MCC to determine their core values, the elements that define them, and what truly sets them apart. Oxide conducted thorough interviews and in-depth research to pinpoint MCC’s culture and vision, ensuring the new identity accurately reflected the institution.

d20130715_08The new Metropolitan Community College banner

Our research culminated in ascertaining the five key concepts that define Metropolitan Community College.

  • Educational: learning and teaching
  • Universal: designed for all
  • Professional: high-quality and reputable
  • Affordable: great education at a great price
  • Multi-faceted: many options, multiple paths
d20130715_05Oxide’s concept for new Metropolitan Community College primary campus signage

In addition to the key concepts, Oxide also established a set of critical tactical considerations for the new identity. These ideas define the “physical” requirements of a new logo.

  • Iconic: must work well when employed in a very wide range of applications
  • Universal: must be applicable to all organizational locations, activities, and endeavors
  • Versatile: must be strong and straightforward enough to be paired with a variety of secondary logos, departments, etc.
d20130715_04Oxide’s concept for new Metropolitan Community College vehicle livery

The iconic new “M” we designed incorporates many different triangular pieces in multiple shades of blue. The triangles combine to form a single unit, reflecting the College’s multi-faceted nature: various parts, programs, and locations come together to make the institution what it is. The triangular points also represent the myriad of different directions and paths available to students of all kinds at MCC.

d20130715_11The new Metropolitan Community College identity can be employed in many different ways

In addition to the logo, Oxide designed the college’s complete corporate identity, including the selection of Intro as the primary typeface, a modern sans serif with a warm, human character. We developed a comprehensive brand book for MCC, detailing all aspects of the brand, to ensure ongoing consistency in voice and application.

d20130715_07The new MCC guidelines have a framework for consistent secondary logos

The defined corporate blue color (Pantone 2935, for you design nerds) is a nod to previous iterations of the College logo and maintains a tie to the College’s past. But knowing the logistical and financial considerations of an institution like MCC, Oxide also built guidelines allowing for a wide range of “blues” to be used, to reiterate their multi-faceted nature.

d20130715_03A range of blues are allowed within in the new Metropolitan Community College brand guidelines

“Metropolitan Community College has undergone a tremendous transformation in the last 40 years, and this updated brand is another sign that MCC continues to move forward,” said MCC President Randy Schmailzl. “Our ultimate goal is to attract students and industry partners to the College with a contemporary brand that also reflects our long history in the community.”

d20130715_06Oxide’s concept for new Metropolitan Community College outdoor boards

It’s been a real pleasure working with everyone at Metropolitan Community College. The new identity will be implemented in key applications immediately, such as primary campus signage, television commercials, and the website. Other items will follow in a coordinated, ongoing rollout over the next 36 months.

View the project page for Metropolitan Community College.