We are pleased to announce that the design work of Oxide has been selected for inclusion in Communication Arts’ Design Annual 51. You’ll find the logo we designed for Cultures East on page 139 of the September/October issue. This marks our fifth time winning CA, and Oxide is this year’s only honoree from Omaha. Based on entries selected out of the total number of entries received, the CA Design Annual is the most exclusive major design competition in the world.

Communication Arts Design Annual 51Communication Arts Design Annual 51

As a studio, we don’t enter many design competitions any more, but we still believe it’s one of our industry’s highest honors to win CA. I mentioned this in my post about our previous CA win, but it bears repeating: having been a judge for the Design Annual in 2004, I got a first-hand look at their judging process. CA utilizes nine judges (instead of the more typical three) and a blind evaluation process (where each judge cannot see how the others voted). This means that the process becomes more objective and accurate, and it’s much more difficult for one outspoken judge to sway the outcome. It makes the results feel significantly less influenced by a single person’s personal aesthetic. Because of this, we have a higher respect for the selections of CA and continue to feel it’s valuable to enter the competition.

Cultures East logo in Communication Arts Design Annual 51Cultures East logo in Communication Arts Design Annual 51

This win is particularly special for us here at Oxide. Identity work is one of our greatest passions, but this is the first time our logo design work has been recognized in CA‘s Design Annual. In addition, we couldn’t have been more proud about how this logo turned out, and we’re excited to see it recognized internationally.

Here the brief explanatory text as provided to Communication Arts:

Cultures East provides progressive cultural tours to Southeast Asia. The identity utilizes the metaphor of a person riding an elephant – a mode of travel unique to this area of the world. Not only does it evoke an exotic and exciting journey, but it’s literally an activity in which you can participate on a Cultures East tour. The brushwork is assembled out of various script languages from throughout the region.

You can read more about our process and the thinking behind the design on our Cultures East logo post.

View the project page for Cultures East.