In the continuing series highlighting the recent Oxide t-shirts, I call your attention to a matching pair. These shirts feature a couple of the unsung members of the Oxide team, who just happen to spend their nights and weekends at my house: office dogs Rosie & Glady. They’re an important part of the mix over here, and their daily presence helps us from taking ourselves too seriously.

Rosie & Glady t-shirtsRosie & Glady t-shirts

While I can’t offer any downloadable AI templates like Adam did, I can offer up some fantastic illustration. When assigned the task of designing an Oxide t-shirt, intern Josh Schwieger stepped up to the plate. He ended up developing not one, but two shirts. His spot-on illustrations of the two office dogs create the perfect bookend set. We invite people to pick their favorite, as described on our t-shirt site:

a vote for Rosie is a vote for the simpler, laid-back side of life;

“¦for Glady, an active, efficient, and effective way of life.

In the interest of protecting their fragile egos, we can’t tell you who’s ahead in the standings. But if you’re so compelled, we invite you to cast your own vote and wear it with pride by buying a Rosie or Glady t-shirt.

GladyPhoto by intern Adam Casey
RosiePhoto by intern Adam Casey