Benson Mighty Bunnies

Proposed identity for Benson High School meant to unite the school's athletic and academic programs under one banner.


Bunnies Unite

A number of stars recently aligned which have caused us to believe that now is the time to put our Benson Bunnies effort into full swing. Various alumni have started to take notice and have been encouraging us to take the next steps. A number of dedicated individuals – both inside and outside the walls of Benson High School – are beginning to take up the cause. So I’m pleased to announce that today is the official launch of…

Benson Bunnies logo

About a year ago, the team here at Oxide engaged in a very unusual behavior. It’s something we had never tried before, and something we’ll probably never try again. Without being asked, we designed a new identity for the Benson High School (Omaha, NE) athletics department. That’s right, the Mighty Bunnies.