Contemporary Analysis

Web and identity work for a predictive analytics company that explores patterns in business data to figure out what will likely happen next.


Contemporary Analysis website

Last week Nathan discussed the many aspects of the new Contemporary Analysis branding. This week, I’d like to go into some of the specifics as they relate to the website. Since this is one of the most forward-facing points of contact for new business for Contemporary Analysis, easy and engaging interaction was a must. Because of our design of various usability elements – inviting colors to indicate what category you are exploring, several points where relevant and new content can…

Contemporary Analysis identity

Since 2008, Contemporary Analysis has been using data science to help companies succeed. They take the data that a company has accumulated and then – using dark magic that is incomprehensible to the majority of the population – provide their clients with highly accurate predictions as to what is likely to happen next. Because of the level of understanding we developed in their business while designing their client portal, it made sense when they asked us to help better explain…