Even when Zipline Brewing Co. first started brewing beer, they knew that good branding and retail packaging could make the difference between great success and abject failure. In early conversations with Zipline, it became clear that branding which captured their industrial aesthetic, and minimalistic, straight-forward packaging would make their beer stand out from the in-your-face visuals populating the rest of the shelves.


Building off their industrial aesthetic, Oxide refined Zipline Brewing’s logo, created all branding materials and retail packaging, and helped determine product specs.

We built custom letterforms inspired by vintage American beer cans and bottles, and implemented a solid-looking zipline to tie it all together. When possible, the logo runs off two sides of the piece to create the illusion of a continuously running zipline – especially nice when several Zipline six packs are aligned on store shelves.

As Zipline was a new entrant in the local craft brew market, we understood that a consistent, recognizable image was critical to their success. We created business cards, coasters, posters, six packs, 750ml specialty beer packaging, and even tap handles that look like legitimate zipline cables – all with a strong adherence to their core visual brand. Such uniformity has given this microbrewery some of the cleanest, most consistent branding in the alcohol industry.


Since their inception in 2013, Zipline Brewing – with the help of their award-winning branding – has posted an average year-over-year production growth of 124%.


Zipline / Harbour Baltic Porter beer collaboration

Last year, Zipline Brewing partnered with Harbour Brewing of North Cornwall, England, to create a limited edition beer. For the international collaboration, they brewed a Baltic Porter (an imperial porter historically brewed in England) right here in Lincoln, Nebraska — which they packaged in 750ml bottles. When approached by Zipline, we noticed that, from an aesthetic standpoint, the two breweries shared a very similar minimalistic industrial style. Similar to the template we set up for Zipline, Harbour Brewing’s design partner, A-Side…

Zipline Brewing Co. packaging

I recently posted about our redesign of Zipline Brewing Co.’s logo, and had promised we would soon share the package design. Well, if you haven’t already seen it around the Lincoln, NE area, the time is now! The industrial look we established on the coasters and business cards has been carried through to the packaging. Since day one, the guys at Zipline were looking for an identity that skewed towards minimalism. Looking at shelves of beer, it seems like every…

Zipline Brewing Co. logo refinement

When Oxide designs a logo, we typically go through a lengthy process which includes brand questionnaires, a patented concepting slide process, and weeks of research and sketching. This is all done in attempt to create a memorable logo that’s not only visually appealing, but conceptually captivating as well. Only once we’ve found the solution(s) do we take our concept to the computer. (Many think that this is the only step required to “design”.) And while it’s not the most important…