Oxide recently completed the design of the identity for ReadyCollective, a New York-based consulting organization. Led by principal Elizabeth Hare, they assist others in using their intuitive and conceptual thinking skills to solve problems. ReadyCollective is a group of sensemakers who help their partners innovate in order to find new pathways through complexity.

Ready Collective business cardFront of ReadyCollective business card

Needless to say, we understood immediately that this was not going to be a traditional corporate abstract-geometric logo.

This was a complex design problem because it can be difficult to completely define the service provided by ReadyCollective. While on the surface it seems you could say they are problem solvers, in reality they do not engage in actually solving problems, per se. Their expertise is in helping people accurately define the problem at hand, and then broaden their view to conceptualize the full range of potential solutions. They don’t solve the problem for you, they teach you how to innovate to find new solutions.

Ready Collective business cardBack of business card showing one version of the ReadyCollective logo

After extensive exploration, we determined that what best decries ReadyCollective’s offerings is not getting a client from A to B, but instead opening their minds to the possibility of solutions from C through Z. We designed an identity which captures that essence, in that the logo is never a single solution.

ReadyCollective’s logo is a standard logotype coupled with an ever-changing pair of woodcut illustrations making an R and a C. The images are always a non-sequitur: two objects which don’t normally belong together. A camel and a croissant. A toucan and a horseshoe. The Dada-esque nature of the illustrations serves to reiterate the complete removal of traditional limits on innovative thinking.

Ready Collective business cardBack of business card showing one version of the ReadyCollective logo

It continues to be a great pleasure – and a mind-expanding experience – to partner with the ReadyCollective team (Elizabeth Hare, Jeanine Guido, and Todd Drake). We’re working with them to release additional marketing materials and a complete web site later this year.

View the project page for Ready Collective.