Intermodal shipping incorporates multiple modes of transportation to move goods from point A to point B. This might not sound like the world’s most complicated concept, but to fully explain the process and all of the benefits associated with it, Union Pacific hired illustrator/animator Cale Oglesby to explain the service. Cale then partnered with Oxide for illustration and design, while he focused on the animation portion of the project.

Union Pacific train illustrationUnion Pacific train illustration

Experts at intermodal, Union Pacific provides the most cost-effective access to markets throughout North America. They do this by combining the flexibility of trucks with the efficiency and environmental benefits of their vast rail system. UP is America’s largest intermodal network, serving more than 95% of all major U.S. markets.

Our task was to convey this information through a short, interesting animated video. Together with Cale, we created a storyboard, illustrated the necessary elements, and put them into motion. Our goal was to pair straightforward information design with simple motion graphics in an exciting way. Since Oxide has worked on very few motion projects in the past, Cale’s expertise was invaluable throughout the process.


We focused on the intermodal trek, essentially taking a single container in one long shot from loading dock to delivery point. Building our own little world, we take our train through mountains and forest, over bridges, across farmland and into towns and cities. These elements make the video more visually interesting – and were fun to build!


Union Pacific Intermodal illustrationsUnion Pacific intermodal illustrations

All in all, our first big venture into motion graphics was very educational (a lot of work goes into such a deceptively short video!) and extremely enjoyable.

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